A Chef’s Life, It’s Not All MasterChef Glamour

and Rick SteinWorld Traveler…
Especially at Christmas

A Chef’s Life, It’s not all MasterChef Glamour and Rick Stein World Traveler…Especially at Christmas

I think being in the food industry especially as a chef must be no picnic in the park. From what I know these guys and girls including all kitchen come hospitality staff work long and irregular hours just to keep us foodies happy. Early mornings, late nights, weekends and public holidays these guys will face up to work to serve up an array of breakfasts, morning teas, lunches and dinners and amazingly in many different country cuisines right here right now in Toowoomba. So, this Christmas and any other time outside your normal working hours spare a thought for the food artists in our community and…

thank them for their wonderful culinary efforts.

A Chef’s Life, It’s Not All MasterChef Glamour

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